My youngest son Rayan wanted an ice cream, but he then changed his mind for popcorn instead. So I turned to the man, I thanked him, and we moved on.

Heavens! I just can’t forgive myself for not buying any from that man, even if Rayan didnt feel like ice cream anymore, I could have given it to any..

When I came home and saw this look on the man’s face, his arms, and the sense of peace around him_ it literally broke my heart, not that I pity him, not at all, but I in a way or another blocked something good was about to happen to him, and to us, no matter how small it was. And what made me feel worse is that he never tried to convince me otherwise..

We keep on learning, and the small things always find their way to our hearts, much faster than the big ones. Late is definitely better than never. Today, I learned something new about myself, and about this world..

I now pray with all my being, that that man will not close his eyes tonight, until joy overwhelms his heart. The Universe has its own magical ways to make it happen, and God is always in the word. ❤ ❤ ❤



Yes, God Is Love..

Our hearts are touched the most by the sad poems, the heartbreaking stories, and the misadventures..And that is another proof that the soul is undivided..

Don’t tell me that God is somewhere up there in the sky, I’ve already seen her in the glint of your eyes, in your goosebumps, and the warmth of your hand over mine..

Rooted into being, we overflow with empathy and kindness. Let love be, let love be.

Majd Radwan

Saving God

By Majd Radwan


I wish to have my own God.
I wish Him to be wordless, shapeless, and beardless. I get scared easily.
I wish Him to leave me notes every once in a while next to my thoughts.
I may not always follow what He jots down quickly before I notice Him (I’ll always notice Him) for I might go for the wrong at times. Call it the urge for experience and challenge. I’m human after all, and I’m supposed to learn from my mistakes.
I wish not to know if He eats or drinks, blinks or sleeps. I just need to know He’s always safe in my cells. Imaginary friend? You can say so, I’d rather call Him my Immortal, but I get to be in charge while carrying His notes all the time.
I wish Him to be a bit abstract and a bit real.
I wish to challenge the Law of Nature and meet Him in person over a cup of tea, and talk it all out loud. I know it’ll fill the whole of me with enormous gratitude and contentment.
If God were to be some cloud-shaped figure up there, busy all day and all night with the sole job of watching over us and/or watching us, I’d say it’s absurd! For it would be a boring eternal life. God deserves much more honor than this.
Up there, God is lonely and bored, while humans go on selfishly with their lives. Never to cross the yet-limited minds that human life is way much interesting than God’s own. We get to have mother, families, friends, sorrows, lovers and feelings. We get to laugh and run. We get to shower and hug.
We get to be imperfect!
I wish not to have a bored and lonely God. Nor wish I to be selfish, and in result:
I wish everyone to have his own God. All Gods shall meet often, emerge in each other, celebrate their originality and yet their relativity. They get to talk about us, and laugh about us and even about themselves. Life is supposed to be fun.
I wish that time to save God is here and now. To liberate Him from boredom and loneliness. If scientific facts irritate you, go for logic, common sense, and compassion as well, then religion shall be switched off for good, and replaced by virtue instead.
There’ll be no more blind obedience, slavery machines, or ready-made dogma to hibernate the souls and keep feeding the human mind with all kinds of limited beliefs that trigger no creativity or curiosity, but build walls of fear and doubt instead.
Let’s not settle for this much is enough for you, and light a candle over our buddhahood and godliness lying within us, craving to manifest and shower us with gratefulness and goodness. It’ll all make sense only when God is held tenderly within the core of our being, as pure Love, Light, and Energy.
There would be no atheists and no believers in the common sense of both words, all of these controversies will vanish. Jesus, Mohammed and others will be seen as enlightened beings who tried to save humanity, period.
There would only be people; doing right or doing wrong, punishment and reward shall come from within, where God permanently resides.
I wish… to save God.
“For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can’t readily accept the God formula, the big answers don’t remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god.” ~ Charles Bukowski


By Majd Radwan


Dear Heaven,
They say you are an eternal city, with a crystal clear river, and trees of life that yield all kinds of fruit. Have you seen the river in my city? As pure as a nun’s heart, flowing peacefully to the horizon, and through the veins, washing away all burdens, leaving stillness instead. Have you seen the pine trees in my city? Proud and tall, swaying with the breeze in harmony with the birds’ song. Telling thousands and thousands of untold tales, Where Grace is an aroma, and bliss is a pulse.

Dear Heaven,
They say your walls are adorned with every kind of jewel, emerald, topaz, and more. I didn’t know you have walls! But have you seen the women’s eyes in my city? Eyes that have seen so much in the world and still sparkling like the finest crystals, while the purest soul is lurking from within, clutching lost spirits to show them the way to light.

Dear Heaven,
They say you are the place of no mores, no more tears and no more pain,
Have you been to my mother’s bosom? The magical cure of all pain and sorrow, the source of wisdom and tranquility, the healer of the broken heart, the soothing lullaby and the greatest love that lights up any room.

Dear Heaven,
They say you’re a place where the streets are paved with gold, and the gates are made with pearls. Have you ever taken a walk through the convolutions of a child’s heart? Where innocence is a glowing soil. Wander between the Memosa plants of simple pleasures and bedazzling sense of wonder. Smell the facinating scent of innocence. Touch the sacred awe and blow your eyes with the radiant fragility that seeks no conclusions.Dwell for a while in the land of shimmering perfection that is more luscious than liberty..
No gates no barriers just a prism of inner jewels beaming guiltlessly and joyously into the world and through the distance.

Dear Heaven,
They say you are the place of no strangers. Have you ever held a dear book with your hands? A novel that someone out there you never met-and yet a very close one poured his heart into it.
Ride the Reality Simulator. Shake hands with fictional persons, for they shall become your closest friends, and your soul shall emerge with theirs. Feel like home. Sit with them on the fictional couch in there, in each and every scene. Contemplate their expressions and touch the sheer magnetism. Nod when you agree. Wiggle and jiggle when your heart is touched.

Dear Heaven,
They say that the best thing about you is the presence of God Himself.
God is within me, and surrounds me wherever I am, by the side of the river, wandering between the pine trees, in my mother’s bosom, while gazing at the love of my life, laughing, weeping, singing, reading, embracing my kids.. I breathe God..and He never fails me.

Dear Heaven,
You are a part of my daily life, I seize the day and there you are, I dare to be and you’re a place on Earth.

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