In The Receptive Mode


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Trust that what you truly want is coming your way. When you look at something and you say yes to it, you activate it within you, you are asking for it to come your way, events begin to come around you, you go your way differently this time.

We are all vibration, we can make anything happen with the power of  our vibrational energy. Nothing is happening to us, everything is happening for us, and through us.

I am fully worthy for all good things in life. And I am learning to more deliberately manifest what I desire.

What ever I offer vibrationally will manifest, I am the controller of my life experiences, and I do care about how I feel the most, I am source energy, which sets things into motion. I have been, I am and I will always be.




I am made and re-made perpetually of the same substance, yet I am changeful..Calling forth the boundless richness within; I patiently watch myself alter to endless possibilities, I grow, I am.

Majd Radwan


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